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Who are we and what do we do?

Our business is to produce high quality, high quality food for dogs and cats.

We are manufacturer of the HAAKS®B.A.R.F brand. These products are manufactured according to the rules of the H.A.C.C.P. and under the control of the Dutch Food and Welfare Authority (NVWA). Our products are frozen immediately after production.

Dogs and cats are carnivores originally. By adjusting their nutrition to them, they live more pleasantly and healthier. And, at least as important: good, responsible food helps prevent complaints! For this we have developed HAAKS®B.A.R.F, which closely matches the dog and cat’s natural feeding pattern (fresh meat!)

The most important thing that distinguishes HAAKS®B.A.R.F is the constant, high quality of the ingredients we use. In addition to the quality, HAAKS®B.A.R.F is pure, which means that the bone is of the same species as the meat, so Beef is made with beef bone and Goat with goat bone etc.

HAAKS®B.A.R.F is available in the types: Beef, Deer, Horse, Goat, Lamb, Salmon, Chicken, Rabbit,, Duck, Fish. By varying the flavors, the natural nutritional pattern is resembled very well, due to the wide variety of animal species, the variation in calcium source is also fully utilized.
HAAKS®B.A.R.F offers 9 different meat components and calcium sources. In addition to the muscle, organ and bone, we also add 12% high-quality fresh vegetables to our product and 3 % industrial fiberhemp.

For all HAAKS®B.A.R.F products: there are no artificial additives, preservatives, pork, grains or rice.



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