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HAAKS®B.A.R.F – Seaweed

Seaweed provides nutrients that are important for good hair structure and appears to have a beneficial effect on the pigmentation of the coat. Especially in dogs with a dark coat, seaweed can contribute to a deep color and radiant shine. Seaweed is one of the richest natural products when it comes to the wide range of minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Seaweed supports the metabolism and the immune system and has a direct effect on vitality, appearance and performance.

Seaweed is also good for your dog’s teeth. Research shows that no less than 85% of adult dogs have dental or gum problems! Without proper dental care, dental plaque and later tartar will form. Dental plaque is full of bacteria that can cause inflammation of the gums, resulting in loose teeth and possibly loss of teeth. Bad breath, difficult chewing and sensitive gums are signs of dental problems. Research has shown that seaweed reduces the formation of dental plaque and tartar. Seaweed also helps dissolve existing dental plaque.

Granularity and fluff
Seaweed is a natural product and the granularity can vary slightly per harvest. Sometimes there is also yellow fluff in our Icelandic Seaweed, which is the fibers of the seaweed plant. Normally these fibers are sieved out, but it sometimes happens that they are still in the final product. The fluff looks a bit like glass wool, but don’t worry: they are completely safe and can be found on any seaweed plant.

The recommended daily dose:
Small dogs and cats > 15kg – ½ teaspoon / day
Dogs > 30 kg – up to 1 teaspoon / day
Dogs > 80 kg – up to 2 teaspoons / day

Seaweed contains:
Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, K.
Minerals: iodine, sulfates, phosphates, chlorine, sodium, lime, magnesium, aluminum, iron,