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HAAKS®B.A.R.F Liquid Horse fat

Liquid Horse Fat is an absolute pure energy source of the highest quality. It is easily digestible and can be absorbed just as well as other types of fat. Horse fat contains Vitamins A and D, which means it also has an extremely good effect on dry skin and dull coat.

Horse fat is a perfect supplement for digestion and intestinal flora. Horse fat is a good supplement for any adult dog. It is Hypoallergenic and fits in every diet.

Extra resistance
Stronger bones
Good health
Good intestinal flora
Shiny coat
Hypoallergenic Diet

Each pump is 2 ml.
Small dogs about 1 pump per day.
Medium dog: about 3 pumps a day.
Large dogs: about 4 pumps a day.

Product analysis:
Protein 1%
Fat 96.9%
Ash 0.1%
Cellulose 0.3%