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Top 12 worst dogfood brands

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kibblesMany pet food companies use the cheapest ingredients they can find. Whether it comes from dead diseased animals, road kill, or euthanized pets from shelters. These ingredients are not suitable for human consumption. If you won’t eat it, why should your dog! Many pet foods contain 4-D ingredients. 4-D chicken is meat and by-products that have been derived from chickens that were rejected by food inspectors who classified the chickens as not fit for human consumption because they were “Dead, Dying, Disabled or Diseased” at the time of inspection.
Any chemicals that existed within that animal, would still be in it when dead. Meat by-products are nothing more than slaughterhouse waste; waste that’s been banned for use in human food and then sold to the pet food industry. It’s what’s left over after the slaughter and classified as inedible waste, unfit for human consumption.

4-D’s: Road kill, slaughter house rejects, animals that die on their way to meat packing plants – all are acceptable ingredients for pet food under the “4D” rule. Steroids, growth hormones and chemicals used to treat cattle including insecticide patches end up mixed into the final product. Meat from grocery stores past its due date is also added to the mix, as are the Styrofoam trays and plastic wrap they were packed in.

With dry foods, the ingredients are cooked twice.  First during rendering and again in the extruder. Problems are much more common than with canned or homemade foods. Altered proteins may contribute to food intolerance’s, food allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease.

High-heat processing of pet food – especially kibble – creates potent carcinogens like acrylamide and heterocyclic amine. Needless to say, these cancer-causing by-products of processing won’t be listed on any pet food ingredient list. But they are extremely dangerous, even in small amounts, when fed day in and day out. There’s a connection between these carcinogens and the rising rates of cancer in today’s pets.

Do you really want to feed your dog this? Learn to read ingredients. Or go with a canned dog food with less fillers and more  nutrition and moisture content.  Feeding these foods listed will shorten the life of your dog, cause many horrible diseases, seizures, joint issues, and will be sick much more often and you will be spending hard earned dollars on trying to save your pet.

To learn more about kibble and how bad it really is…click “Kibble Kills“.

**In wet foods though, the water-soluble B-vitamin thiamine can be almost completely lost due to its reactivity with heat, moisture, sulfites, elevated pH and the thiaminase enzymes found in fish and organ meats.

Below is a listing of some of the popular or inexpensive worst dog food brands that contain harmful, unnecessary and outright dangerous ingredients which are highlighted in red. Not all bad ingredients are highlighted in red. (Read at bottom of this page for more)  This is not a complete list; unfortunately there are many more brands on the market. Each manufacturer’s website should offer a complete ingredient listing and nutritional value analysis of their products.  If a specific brand of food is not listed here it does not mean it is bad or good, just check the brand’s website and read the ingredients.

Feeding your pet the same food everyday of its life, will cause many issues. (Liver and kidney failure, diabetes, arthritis and many other illnesses.) These pet foods are lacking certain nutrients. Also many of these ingredients are sourced from China. DO NOT FEED YOUR PET PRODUCTS FROM CHINA! (Includes most (99%) treats, chew bones, etc.) Buy grain-free to help eliminate allergic reactions. Remember, the top 5 ingredients are the most important. If they are not good, then you shouldn’t feed your pet that food. Also you should change your pets food every 3 months to avoid any allergies or food intolerance.

Dry Foods offer no nutritional value. Canned is better due to more moisture content as it still holds some nutrients.
Although the best diet you can feed your dog is a Raw diet. Veterinarians were not taught about good nutrition in college. So do your homework. Find a good holistic vet or animal nutritionist that is educated in nutrition. Whatever you do, remember, this is your furry family member. It is your responsibility as a pet parent to give the best foods you can provide to extend his/her quality of life. Which means less visits to the vet.

DOGS ARE CARNIVORES: following the long ancestral history as canids. Pet Food Companies have people believing otherwise since humans eat veggies and fruits so beware. Canines do not have grinding molars therefore cannot grind grains. They are made for ripping and tearing of flesh.

I hope you have gained some knowledge into the pet food industry here on this site and will look further into changing your pets diet ASAP! When changing from a commercial pet food to a raw or homemade diet, you first need to detox your pet and then add in quality supplements and herbs to build the immune system. It is imperative that you do this or you may continue to deal with allergies and other illnesses from the built up toxins in your pet. Please do your research or speak with a holistic vet before changing anything especially with a pet with a chronic disease.


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